Miller High School Athletic Hall of Fame

Miller High School has had many fine athletes on our fields, courts, and mats. Click Here to go to our Athletic Hall of Fame page.


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Over the years, Miller High School has graduated students from a large geographical area, including students who attended Miller only after a former school or district ceased to exist. This blending has only served to make our school stronger, and is a testament to the accepting nature of Miller High School’s students and faculty.

To our north, Orient ended its high school in 1958, and all elementary students went elsewhere in 1976. Polo high school students went to other schools after 1990, and their K-8 school closed its doors in 2008.

Ree Heights, to the west, graduated its last seniors in 1964, and elementary students joined with Miller in 1993.

Miller’s closest eastern neighbor, St. Lawrence, ended high school classes in 1962 and its elementary joined with Miller in 1983.

Most recently, we have been happy to welcome Wessington students to our school since 2004.

Miller High School recognizes the contributions of all of its alumni, near and far! Thank you, and “Cheer, Cheer for Old Miller High!”

Miller School 1910

Miller School 1910

Original Miller School Building

Original Miller School Building